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Water Pressure Information - First Plumber EdinburghWater pressure is the force pushing water through pipes. If pressure is too low the flow can reduce to a trickle, and it will take some time to fill a kettle or a cistern. Companies are required to supply water at a constant pressure which will reach the upper floors of houses. This does not apply to buildings that use pumped systems, such as blocks of flats.

What should I do if I have a problem with water pressure?
If you have a problem with low water pressure you should check that there is not a problem with the plumbing in your own property, such as a partially closed internal stop tap (if fitted) or a water leak. If you cannot find a problem, you should contact your water company who can take pressure and flow measurements and determine whether the problem lies in the company’s or your own pipes.

What causes low water pressure?
Low pressure can have a number of causes. For example, when demand for water is high (such as in the morning or early evenings) pressure can be lower than during the rest of the day. There can also be problems during dry spells when people use hosepipes or sprinklers to water their gardens.
Other courses of low pressure can include:
Inadequate pumping facilitieswater mains that are too small;  and reduced pressure from the water main as a result of leakage, equipment failures or blocked service pipes.

What causes high water pressure?
Occasionally, high pressure can occur in some parts of the water supply network. This could be seen as a strong spurt of water when the cold tap is running. The main causes of high water pressure are listed below.

Trapped air in your water pipes, which can temporarily increase water pressure. Run your taps for a few minutes to release this air.Re-configuring the water supply network when water is moved round to wherever it is needed, sometimes changing the supply route.  Normal supply will be returned very quickly in most cases.  You’ve just moved to the area if you are new to the area, your water pressure may feel higher than you were previously used to.

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