Če ste homeowner, potem imajo politiki zavarovanje doma lahko resnično pomaga z vašo vodovodne račune. Če nič drugega, le brez skrbi, ker strokovno prišel, da pogled na problem, Vse to se bo rešiti z vašo zavarovalnico in mi redno delajo z zavarovalnicami. Obisk http://www.endsleigh.co.uk danes, da bi dobili ponudbo za politiko zavarovanje doma.

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    After many other plumbers were saying they would not be able to get out to here until Monday (it being Saturday afternoon when I rang) despite trying to do an emergency call-out (water leaking into my downstairs neighbour's flat), I tried First Plumber. Even on the initial call, they were giving useful advice about what the situation was likely to be, got here quickly and were efficient about checking for the source of the leak, and were able to locate the source and say how to avoid it continuing on a temporary basis and what would be required for it to be fixed permanently. This now means when I call my insurance company, I will have the information to be able to deal with the problem. They were also cheaper than most of the ones that I had tried contacting earlier as well as an additional bonus, and gave advice on some other things that might have later caused issues so I can avoid those problems from occurring at all.
    Mark Kerr, Broomhouse, Edinburgh

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