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Shower Enclosure with all the extras - First Call Plumbing, Edinburgh

Shower Enclosure with all the extras

Shower enclosures come in a vast variety of shower tray shapes and an equally vast shower door types.

The shower enclosure has undergone a complete revolution of late. Showers enclosures and shower cubicles have become an individual style statement, the dreams of having a shower enclosure like the rich & famous, is now a reality.

It is difficult to resist a warm shower in a stylish setting. Designers and manufactures have left no stone unturned in catering to the customer’s desire to be pampered.

Shower enclosures come in many different sizes and finishes, so whatever the size of your bathroom or the colour of your bath taps you will be able to find a shower enclosure to suit you. Shower trays may also be used in bespoke shower installations, so if a wet room floor is not possible why not choose a larger than standard shower tray to fit into your bespoke bathroom.

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