Free-Standing or Freestanding Baths

Freestanding or Roll-Top Bath

As its name suggests, this bath comes either with four legs or stands on the floor. It also comes with complete finished exteriors. Among the popular choices of this are the reproductions of the antique claw-foot bathtubs that are made with lightweight materials such as the reconditioned antiques. The authentic antique baths are usually made with cast iron materials and would require buttressing the bathroom floor.

Free-Standing, Freestanding or Roll Top BathFreestanding or Roll-Top bath sizes are normally slightly larger than the standard 1700×700mm and because the baths are very deep they tend to hold a lot of water – up to 250litres.

An important distinction amongst baths is how they sit on the floor.

The classic traditional cast iron ball and claw foot is the one the instantly spings to mind but there are many more styles, both traditional and contemporary, in all sorts of finishes including cast iron, chrome, brass, gold and paintable. Be aware that bath feet by different manufacturers are not interchangeable and you must have the right feet for the right bath, some manufacturers do however provide a wide variety of foot styles for many of their baths and you may have a choice of six or seven styles in two or three finishes. For some baths front and back feet may be different and you should always be careful to refer to the manufacturers instructions provided with the bath when fitting them. If in doubt ring us on 0131 669 1007.

Wooden Plinth
The wooden plinth is a more or less contemporary style often but not always associated with an Oriental or Japanese style of bath. We include in this category baths on four wooden blocks or feet. Wooden parts for baths are usually veneers of beech, maple, oak, wenge, cherry or chestnut on a wood composite or in some cases solid wooden blocks.

Metal Cradles
Another contemporary design is to have the bath supported by a metal cradle of one style or another. Good in a clean-lined ultra minimalist bathroom or wherever else your imagination can put it.

To Floor
Within the category of baths that go right down to the floor we also include baths that sit on single long plinths made of the same material as the bath, this includes many of the traditional boat baths. Most of the other baths the go right down to the floor without feet or plinths or cradle are more or less contemporary styles.

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