Energy Assistance Package from the Scottish Government

Energy Assistance PackageSave money and stay warm

Do you find it hard to heat your home? Well here’s some good news. A package of help is open to people across Scotland.

It could help you cut your bills, boost your income and make your home warmer and more energy efficient.

Some people even qualify for free insulation or a new central heating system. Call the Home Energy Scotland Hotline today to find out more on 0800 512 012.

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How do I find out what I can get from the Energy Assistance Package?

Simple. Just call us. Anyone who finds it hard to heat their home should get in touch. We’ll let you know about grants and support that might help you. Call the Home Energy Scotland Hotline on 0800 512 012.

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What happens when I call the 0800 512 012 number?

Our advisors at your local Energy Saving Scotland advice centre are there to help you. We’ll ask you questions about you and your home, including your current heating system.

These questions will help the advisor give you the best energy advice possible, and work out how the Energy Assistance Package can best support you. The advisor will let you know which parts of the package we can refer you for.

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What is an energy inefficient home?

An energy inefficient home is very hard to heat. This can be because it loses a lot of heat through its walls, roof and windows. It’s not just about heating systems. It’s about the make-up of the house as a whole. If a home has an insulated loft, for example, it takes less energy for the home to get warm, and stay warm. The insulation makes the home more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency is measured on a ratings scale so that different houses can be compared fairly. Read more about energy ratings

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How will the advisor work out if my home has a poor energy rating?

We can estimate your home’s energy rating, based on what you tell us over the phone. If the energy rating of your home seems poor, and you meet the other criteria, we’ll refer you for a full assessment.

This means a surveyor will arrange to visit your home. They will work out your home’s actual energy rating from this survey. If the energy rating measured using the Scottish Government approved SAP energy ratings scale is sufficiently low, you may be entitled to work to improve your home.

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What is the energy ratings system?

The energy rating system used for the Energy Assistance Package is called the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). SAP is the Government’s procedure for the Energy Rating of homes. Find out more about SAP energy ratings.

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My child is about to turn 16, do I still have time to apply?

We will take the date of your application to be the date you call the 0800 512 012 number and ask to apply. As long as your child is under 16 on this date, and you meet the other criteria we can still put you forward. (Correct as of 10th May 2010).

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I don’t think I qualify. Is there any support to help me heat my home?

We can still help you. We give free impartial energy advice to anyone who calls. This might be able to help you cut your fuel bills and keep your home warmer. We can also let you know about other offers that apply to you. Just call 0800 512 012 for more information.

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How is the Energy Assistance Package funded and run?

The Energy Assistance Package is funded by the Scottish Government, managed by the Energy Saving Trust and run in partnership with other advice providers and energy companies.

When you call, you speak to a trained advisor from the Energy Saving Scotland advice network, which is funded by the Scottish Government and managed by the Energy Saving Trust.

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How do I apply?

Call your local advisor on 0800 512 012.

Read more about applying for the Energy Assistance Package.


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