Corner Bath

Corner Bath - First Call Plumbing, EdinburghAlthough, the term might have been specifically used to triangular bathtubs that features two unfinished sides and one finished part, it is generally used to tubs that come it any shape but installed in a corner with two sides backed against the wall.

Corner baths come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; from the extravagantly large corner baths to the cunning space-saving corner baths and some corner baths even offer the option of a bath shower screen for a really versatile bathing space.

One problem with corner baths is the lack of “lying down room”. They tend to offer a lot more width when lying down but considerably less length.

The smallest corner bath available is 1100×1100mm which should only be considered if you have no other option as these corner baths are very small. 1500×1500mm corner baths are available but you need a big bathroom to accommodate them. You also need to take into account the amount of water need to fill the bath. A standard size straight bath holds about 155 litres of water whereas a 1400×1400mm corner bath could hold as much as 210 litres, so you must be sure your heating system is up to the task.

Offset corner baths offer a good compromise as they have reasonable legroom and most take around 180lt to fill. Size wise, they normally measure around 1500×1000mm. Offset corner baths are “handed”, Left Hand and Right Hand. Make sure you see a diagram of the hand you require so that the terminology matches your equirement!

There are some occassions when a corner bath will work well in a small bathroom, but usually they will take up more floor space and offer less lying down space than a standard stright bath.

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