Changing Washers

Anatomy of a Tap showing all parts including washer.Water tap washers can fail at any time and the result is a constant dripping and loss of water. Washers are used every time taps are used and eventually become worn or chewed, especially if the tap valve is worn.

When using water taps it is a good idea not to over tighten them when turning them off. This can damage the tap washers. Just turn taps off enough to stop any drips.

If washers need replacing frequently the valve seats of the respective taps may be worn or damaged and may need reaming out. This is done with a special tool that screws into the tap body.

Changing washers is a good time to think about other things in your wet areas. Is water draining away well? Maybe you need to clean your drainage plugs and pipes. Sink drainage plugs and pipes, for example, can get clogged with things like hair and soap slime.

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Photo Credit on this post goes to Julian Cassell’s DIY Blog (Julian is The Guardian’s DIY Guru and co-author of DIY (2nd edition): Know-how with show-how.)

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