Avoid Frozen Pipes

First Call Plumber Emergency ServicesSimple Steps to Avoid Frozen or Burst Pipes During Cold Weather

The recent spells of severe cold weather caused misery for thousands of householders in and around Edinburgh. However, by taking a few simple steps to protect their plumbing and heating systems householders can avoid both considerable inconvenience and damage to their home and belongings.

First Call Plumbers advises, “Following a prolonged spell of cold weather, we often receive scores of calls from concerned firms and homeowners who have experienced flooding caused by a burst pipe.

“Frozen water in pipes expands, often causing them to burst once the thaw sets in, but a few simple precautions taken now can prevent customers finding themselves up to their ankles in cold water and facing thousands of pounds worth of flood damage to their property.”

With temperatures forecast to drop significantly you can significantly reduce the risk of burst pipes within your home or office premises by following these precautions:


  • Keep your property warm with the heating on low, even if you are away from home. Leave a key with someone who can check it regularly for frozen pipes.
  • Make sure any exposed pipe work or tanks especially in attics are insulated.
  • Find out where your mains stopcock is and make sure it works.
  • Dripping water increases the risk of freezing, so have any leaks at taps or valves repaired as soon as you discover them.
  • If a pipe is frozen or does actually burst contact First Call Plumber

You can also visit http://www.firstplumber.com or call 0131-669-1007 24 hours a day for emergencies.

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